Good Music Makes Good Neighbors
June 4, 2022

a musical house tour in Montague Center


What is "good music makes good neighbors"?

After a 2 year hiatus . . . Good Music is BACK!  GMMGN is an annual celebration of music in Montague Center.  It has been variously described as a “musical house tour” and “reverse caroling.”  It is Franklin County’s answer to Boston’s Porchfest.   This is our 6th year.  


Our “mission” is to introduce Montagueans (and others!) to the hidden musical talents that live next door and down the road.  It’s also a chance to visit with neighbors and to formulate lofty artistic and community-oriented projects for the year. 

How does it work?


“Venues” can be either public or private spaces.  Much music will be happening in the Montague Common Hall, the Congregational Church, and on the common itself.  Additionally, you will hear both plaintive aires and phat beats emanating from barns and porches of local residents.  Each venue hosts 2 - 3 different musical groups.  Each group plays for 35 minutes.  There will be a 20 minute break between groups.  During these breaks you may also hear strolling music on the common.



Is it “free"?


Yes and no.  We don't sell tickets, but we do want to cover our expenses AND pay the musicians.  


Our approach is to try to use peer pressure and social status to encourage you to support live music. Supporters get Merit Badges! You can donate $10 (or more) at the Main Table (on the Common) or in the tip jar available at each venue. Donations of $10 or more will receive a purple sticker.  This is your merit badge for the day.  

While stickers are not absolutely required for entry into venues, wearing one lets everyone know that you believe musicians deserve to be compensated for their time.  Trust us: no one is getting rich.  Last year each musician made $20.  Once expenses are covered, we divide the money amongst the performers equally.  The more you give, the more they get!

How do I get from venue to venue?


The venues are all in downtown Montague, so the whole event is very walkable.  Many concerts will be at the Montague Common Hall and the Congregationalist Church.  (Maps to other locations will be at the Common hall.)  

Who supports this great event? 


In large part, you! Your local music community benefits from your time, energy, and, yes money. In addition, we have great neighborly volunteers. Deepest thanks to the ever-resourceful and enthusiastic Amanda and Jonathan, and also the most willing and wonderful Judith, Emily, Carrie, Kate, Diane, and all of the hosts and musicians who donate their time, energy, and creativity.