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Volunteer F.A.Q.

So you think you might like to help out?  Fantastic!  The following is an attempt to answer the most common questions about volunteering at the festival.  More general information about Good Music Makes Good Neightbors can be found on the FAQ page.  


If you think you would like to volunteer, PLEASE fill out the questionnaire.  It simplifies our job considerably.  Don't worry, you can always change your mind (though we encourage you not to do so at the last minute).  Click on this big red button:





Now on to those questions . . . 

What kinds of help do you need?

Basically there are two categories of help that we need: things that need to be done before the festival day, and things that need to be done on the festival day.

What pre-festival jobs need doing?

Glad you asked! We need beautiful signs made. We need beautiful signs put up in the weeks and days before the festival.  We need exciting flyers designed, made, and put up.  We have a color scheme and flyers from last year but can always use help with design and creation. 


We can always use help with advertising and marketing — in the physical world (flyers, print media, newspapers), and the online world (social media, word of mouth).

What do you need on festival day?

Putting up directional signs, handing out maps and schedules on the common, driving the house-to-house shuttle, acting as a house liasion and/or emcee, picking up and delivering pizza for the musicians, making baked goods for homes.  (Ok, the last of these is technically done ahead of time.)


In case you missed it the first time:  



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