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Band F.A.Q.

Greetings!  However you found your way here, we're glad you did.  The following is an attempt to answer the most common questions about participating as a performer.  More general information about Good Music Makes Good Neightbors can be found on the FAQ page.    


If you are interested in performing, PLEASE fill out the application/registration form found by clicking the Big Red Button below.  It simplifies our job considerably to have all your information in one place.  It isn't contractually binding, and we promise not to sell your secrets to the NSA:





Now on to those questions . . . 



How much will I be paid for the gig?

This is an event run by a musician and a writer, so we think performers deserve the best pay we can give. But in this, the festival’s second year, it’s better to think of it as a "community event" rather than a "gig," if only because it would be the most poorly paid gig ever.  Last year, each musician made gas money ($20), and we provided pizza for lunch.  We'd love to pay you more.  We really would. Paying performers well is a priority and in future years, as we get more attendees and participation, we will make it possible. 

Can I sell my CDs?

Of course!  Honestly, you can sell whatever you like.

Do our sets need to be different?

You may play whatever you want during your 30-minute sets.  The material can be the same or different for each.  Keep it interesting for you.  You will probably have a different audience for the second set.  


We only ask that you keep an eye on the clock.  A lot depends on you starting and stopping on time.

Who/how/where/why/when . . . what's up with the schedule?

A lot of logistical factors go into determining the schedule — As the Dude says, it’s a complicated case: a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous.  There are complex algorithms that the ordinary citizen wouldn’t understand.   Some of it is based on individual schedules, the needs of hosts, and the sharing of gear, where applicable. Also, we try to group acts somewhat coherently.  In general, we have to meet everyone's needs before their wants.  Still, we aim to please. If you have a particular request, let us know! 

In case you missed it the first time . . . 

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