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So you think you might like to invite a little music in your home?  Fantastic!  Fantastic! Here are some answers to common questions about being a festival host. They are not exhaustive, but will get you started.More general information about Good Music Makes Good Neightbors can be found on the FAQ page.  


If you decide that you may be interested in hosting, PLEASE fill out the questionnaire. It simplifies our job considerably. Don't worry, you can always change your mind (though we encourage you not to do so at the last minute). Click on this big red button::




Now on to those questions . . . 

How big does my home need to be?

There is not a specific size; it depends upon the types of musicians you host and where you imagine the band playing. Obviously bigger is often better, but do not dismiss your digs as too small until you've talked to us. We'll visit you and make a determination as to whether your home is best suited for a solo guitarist or a marching band.   


In general, open floor plans are optimal. A barn (with seating) could be good. Porches and lawns are great, but it's important to have a back-up plan in case weather doesn't cooperate.  

Will I love the music in my house?

We really REALLY hope you will. While we can't promise you that you'll love every group, we aim to pair hosts with music they like.  

What about bathrooms, water, etc.?

Given the nature of the event, your bathroom will get used.  People may also want glasses of water (esp. after walking up Taylor Hill!).  We provide provide toilet paper, plastic cups and napkins, festival programs, sign-in sheets, and donation bins. You provide the bathroom and tap water. 

Other details will come clear as the festival date approaches. For example, last year local volunteers brought homemade treats to each hosting house. 

Do I have to do anything other than be there and enjoy the music?

Your participation can be very limited or broad, as you desire. You don’t have to be an emcee. You can just welcome the musicians and show them where to set up and then relax. Or you can welcome audience members, introduce musicians as they play each set, remind audiences to donate to the bands, etc. 


However, if you want to make a sign for your house, that would help us out a lot — and it’s fun to have unique signs for each venue.


Cool.  Now if you haven't already done so, click here:



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