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Schedule is subject to change.

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Dancing at the Fest!

Community Contra-dance


The Rebeccas And Friends

Simple but lively dances!

Appropriate for all ages!

No experience necessary!   

Liz Nelson will be calling, and Becky Hollingsworth & Rebecca Weiss will be leading musicians in traditional dance tunes from New England, Ireland, the Appalachian Mountains.

Sit-ins welcome!


Come to dance or listen!  


11:30  Montague Common Hall

Irish Set Dancing


Ever wanted to try Irish set dancing? 

Join Pat & Mike Roehl and Le Chélie to learn traditional dances from the Emerald Isle!




Come to dance or listen!

3:00  Montague Common Hall

Swing Dancing

Join the Butterfly Swing Band and show-off your dance moves from the swing era.  



Come to dance or listen!

4:50  Montague Common Hall

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