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JUNE 1 2019
Descriptions of Performers

BB Leowolf: A one-man-band formerly known as Born Petrified, BB Leowolf is a down-home rock-and-roller who plays too many things at once.  


Behold! True Believers  Finger-picked guitar and keyboard textures are accompanied by the swirling background sounds of ghosts and rounded out by a rhythm section of skilled assassins.

From the Woods plays groove-inspired Americana . . . original roots-rock that evokes images of pine needles and foggy mountain mists.

The frost heaves and hales. Sinuous and/or serrated, shaken, stirred, eclectic rock that rolls. Also, their lyrics don't suck... or as the Daily Hampshire Gazette put it: "Lines pop out as though in 3D."  

Hilltop Trio is Mark Fraser (cello), Norman Bolter (trombone), and Matthew Duncan (piano/accordion). Fraser is a founding member of the Adaskin String Trio. Bolter is a founding member of the Empire Brass.  Duncan is a co-founder of this here festival. 

JCA Klezmer Ensemble is made up of musicians from the local community playing various instruments (clarinet, fiddle, mandolin, viola, accordion, trombone, percussion).  The group performs traditional Klezmer, including bulgars, freylekhs, jhoks, terkishers, shers, khusidls, and Yiddish songs.

Joe Graveline’s original music is melodic, often moody, and accompanied by a guitar style that expands and challenges folk, pop, and the blues. Joe's guitar starts to tell the story even before he sings the first lyric.


John Lentz Trio: The John Lentz Trio plays jazz music: standards, the American Songbook and their own original arrangements of pop songs ranging from Sam Cooke to Tom Waits to Prince. Consisting of vox, keyboards and double bass, our fans consistently tell us, "You guys play jazz the way it's supposed to be played."


Louise Mosrie is “like listening to Patty Griffin and Susan Tedeschi at the same time. Highlight of the 30A Songwriter Festival." - Central Square Records, Seaside Florida.   

Metropolitan Swing Quartet brings a modern American sensibility to Django Reinhardt-style "jazz manouche." The quartet includes Jack Brown (guitar), Chris Devine (violin), Guy DeVito (bass), and James Heflin (guitar).  


Michael Nix performs new classical compositions and arrangements for seven string banjar. He has recorded for the PBS series American Experience and independent documentaries. Nix designed the banjar, a modern seven-string banjo that combines elements of five-string banjo and classical guitar.  

Pat & Tex LaMountain are “upbeat and rhythmic, inspirational and catchy.”  In addition to their originals, Pat & Tex performAmerican standards, swing tunes, folk, rock, jazz, bluegrass, gospel, and country classics.  


Squid Pigly is an acoustic duo from the Valley Hilltowns. With just their voices and two guitars, the Pigly deliver unique percussive and melodic arrangements to both original songs and pop covers they deem worthy.

Stephen Katz sings and plays mostly original compositions on cello. His groove-driven music is made possible by a strumming approach he calls “Flying Pizzicato.”  The results are contrapuntal, multi-voiced textures that have been described as being both easy and impossible at the same time. 

Swing Set is a group of 11 skilled singers who perform exciting rhythms, rich dense harmonies, and vocal improvisations. While they focus largely on jazz standards of the 30’s and 40’s, they also venture into the music of other cultures as well as repertoire that advocates for respecting people and the planet.

Tim Van Egmond is known for his captivating talent, warmth, and engaging humor. He plays a unique mix of instruments: mountain and hammered dulcimers, limberjack, and mouth bow. 

Zay-Tunes plays a variety of traditional, vocal, and instrumental Arabic songs.  It features Nashira Bashour (vocals), Bob Davis (oud), Dan Muscat (qanun), Joe Blumenthal (bass), Sharon Arslanian (ney). and Amanda Turk (percussion).

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